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About “Plan Dalat”, Israel’s Civilian Genocide Program
March 19, 2010, 5:42 am
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comments by cliff hammond, from facebook

In the wake of Israel’s Lebanon disaster, I read the book,
“Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice,” by David Galula. It examined
the failures in Vietnam resulting from the Pentagon’s conventional military
strategy against an insurgency embedded within a civilian population. The book
soon became the cause célèbre which, along with his successes in Iraq using
its methods within his own military sector, propelled General David Petraes into
the top echelon of command, replacing cowboys like generals Franks and Sanchez
and even playing a part in the firing (scapegoating) of Donald Rumsfeld by
Cheney and Bush. Petraeus now uses it as the military’s field manual for
Afghanistan; although, it is having limited success while taking a more humane
approach to the civilian population. In short, the strategy of a
counterinsurgency methodology is to “win the population.” Without them, you can
never have success, as a culture of independence and resistance to ANY
occupation in Afghanistan is proving today.

So, I went back and analyzed Israel’s strategy beginning with “Plan Dalet,”
mindful that Patraeus had recently met with IDF in Tel Aviv before the IDF went
into Gaza, holding to Plan Dalet. Following the continued IDF’s “successes” in
Gaza, I watched in stunned incredulity as Georgia attacked South Ossetia, using
a strategy none other than what appeared to a systematic redux of Israel’s
original Irgun proffered Plan Dalet. Georgia went in blasting without regard for
civilians — in fact, the strategy was the drive the ethnic Russian population
out. When refugees began to flee over the mountains into the region of Chenya,
as intended, Georgia brought up bulldozers and began destroying all their homes,
leaving them nothing to return to. I’m not aware if the Georgians used a system
of carpet bombing with a portion of non-exploding ordinance on impact designed
to serve as anti-population minefields in tact for later use to discourage a
return of refugees to the “free zone” in southern Lebanon that they wished to
create; however, the strategy was the same. Two days after the unprovoked
attack of South Ossetia, Haaratz reported that, indeed, Israeli “contractors”
had trained the Georgian military in the months prior to the attack. Then came
the revelation that CIA was providing operational intelligence.

After IDF met with Petraeus, now the world leader in counterinsurgency strategy
(“win the people”), before they went into the Gaza and then watching the same
strategy — the bombing of civilian infrastructure, including hospitals,
water/sewer treatment, electricity, ambulance service for first aide the
disregard for the civilian population serving as “host” for embedded urban
insurgents and even more egregious, the cooperation of Egypt in preventing the
escape of refugees out of what is essentially a quasi-regional concentration
camp enforced by a continuing blockade — I was left with no other conviction
but that Israel intends the general attrition of the entire Palestinian
population — defined more concisely by the term “genocide” — both through the
“manipulation” of mortality rates upwardly and by, after creating general social
and infrastructural instability, driving the Palestinian population beyond the
borders of “Greater Israel.”

Despite all that they SAY regarding negotiations and good intentions, and such,
especially considering — or even prejudiced by — the very real foundations of
justice that belied the Zionist Movement in its Post WWII flowering into the
“Jewish State,” one must look at what the are DOING.

It is my humble, barely informed opinion, not being a CIA analyst and privy to
insider intelligence, that when IDF rebuffed Petraeus at the meeting prior to
the invasion of the Gaza, as I tend to believe from induction, the hallmark was
established. By refusing the science-based humane counterinsurgency strategy
Galula and his strategy’s proponents, Israel tipped its hand, I believe

Those who embrace David ben Gurion as a hero of an enlightened Zionism should
know that it was he who gave the now infamous “Plan Dalet” its original stamp of
approval, an anti-civilian strategy that perceives the “host” population of an
insurgency force just as culpable as the insurgents themselves; to wit: “the
only good Palestinian is a Palestinian refugee.” This is Zionism, folks.
Israel has no intentions other than the most strident goal of Zionism — the
establishment of Greater Israel in the anti-Enlightenment era of the
post-modern age. After all, no matter what the “philosophes” of the Light may
have opined, and no matter how universal they may have intended the Rights of
Man to have been applied, Israel remains the chosen people of YHWH.”

“An additional note: the “Plan Dalet” strategy involves a number of recognizable
tactics, such as attacks on nearby Palestinian villages to disperse their
inhabitants and thereby creating a “green zone” around encroaching Israel
settlements. Slowly but surely, we have seen such encroachment into areas left
to the Palestinians after the 1967 “green line” was established. These
encroachments, of course, met with resistance. So the tactic of creating a
buffer space through depopulation of surrounding Palestinian areas was applied
again, becoming a “Two-Step” dance that any inebriated Texan could reproduce in
a Terlingua salon.

Only now, with a more sophisticated world media watching, Plan Dalet includes an
auxiliary media perception-management wing, ironically recognizable to anyone
familiar with the work of Goebbels, one that would raise the hackles on the neck
of of any U.S.S. Liberty survivor. “


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