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Think Outside the Bomb! July 30-August 9
April 5, 2010, 4:56 am
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Convergence, Action, Encampment
July 30 – August 9, 2010


This year, youth around the world are on the move organizing for a nuclear free future. This summer, Think Outside the Bomb, the largest youth-led anti-nuclear network in the US, is organizing a global convergence near Los Alamos, New Mexico where the nuclear industry began.

Disarmament Summer is a cross-cultural alliance of youth working together to re-ignite hope from below and build a grassroots consensus-based nonviolent direct action movement. In partnership with the Tribal Environmental Watch Alliance, TEWA Women United, the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment, Products of Atzlan youth group, and the Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum, we are committed to collective liberation, a sustainable future, and an end to the cycle of nuclear violence.

Despite receiving a Nobel Prize for envisioning a nuclear-free world, President Obama is investing $7 billion to construct 3 new bomb-making facilities in Los Alamos, Oakridge TN, and Kansas City MO. These facilities would quadruple our ability to make nuclear weapons. After a 30 year hiatus, the uranium industry has now applied to open or re-open 22 New Mexican mines, many on sacred sites, in direct opposition to a Navajo Ban. There are 30 applications for new nuclear reactors and the Obama Administration wants to underwrite at least three of them with our tax dollars.

There are no proposals to dismantle the thousands of existing US nuclear weapons, clean up their deadly legacy, or close the 250 abandoned uranium mines that continue to contaminate the air, soil, and precious water. Nor is there adequate health care or compensation for thousands of workers and their familiars who are sick or dying.

For too long, the US government and corporations have sacrificed the environment, health and well-being of indigenous and poor communities to secure access to resources through the threat and use of force. To create a nuclear-free future, we must undo the legacy of racism and violence.

You too, can Think Outside the Bomb!

• April 30 – May 7: International Conference and March: Join an international coalition of youth, including Ban All Nukes Generation, in New York City demanding that the world fulfill the unrealized promise of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to abolish nuclear weapons worldwide.

• May – July: Think Outside the Bomb National Anti-Nuclear Tour: share knowledge and build a network of resistance through dialogue, music, and art, in forty US cities. Host a tour stop!

• June – July: New Mexico Youth Organizer Trainings: including work with the Earth Activist Trainings (June 2 -5, Chimayo, NM) and play with Wise Fool Puppets!

• July 30 – Aug. 9: Disarmament Summer Encampment:  Create a week-long permaculture training encampment on San Ildefonso Pueblo land at the foot of Los Alamos.

• August 6: Commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima with a mass Procession, and creative nonviolent civil disobedience. August 1- 9: be part of Strategic Actions Teams, engaging in creative actions to stop the expansion of Los Alamos and uranium mining.


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