White House Protest Corps

Reply to junk mail from DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen ( Demon MD-8 )
April 9, 2010, 10:35 pm
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Please, Demoncrats,

Take your genocide and fascist military coups and please please … just go away

Hillary Clinton’s Fascist Military Coup Junta slaughtering my brothers and sisters

Madeline Albright Just Alright with Genocide of 500,000 Iraqi kids.

Please just go away … take your Bankster Bailouts, your Wealthcare Insurance Bill
your genocide of the Palestinians, your lip-whipping the shoes of war profiteers,

Please take your “clean coal”, ethanol, nuke plants, offshore drilling and stick them
deep inside a very dark place

We’ll overthrow you and hold you accountable one day.

Ralph Nader understands you, as does Cynthia McKinney,

Take me off your mailing list, I am not your friend,

You are no one’s friend.


—— Original Message ——
Received: 05:02 PM EDT, 04/09/2010
From: “Congressman Chris Van Hollen” <CVH.Newsletter@mail.house

To: et
Subject: Reminder: Town Hall Meeting April 12th

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