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May 14, 2010, 4:22 am
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Reports, news coverage and video from
Seize BP National Day of Action

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May 12 Seize BP demo, New York, 05-12-10

New York City

May 12 Seize BP demo, Los Angeles 05-12-10

Los Angeles

Seize BP in the news

Protesters want BP’s assets seized
WDAM – NBC in in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Seize BP Assets for Those Affected by Oil Spill: Protesters
NBC Washington (with video)

Protesters gather outside BP’s San Francisco office

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The momentum of the Seize BP campaign is growing each day. As BP executives hedge at Congressional hearings, saying they’ll pay only “legitimate” damage claims for the oil disaster they caused, people across the United States came out in protest. Yesterday, May 12, was a National Day of Action to Seize BP. Demonstrations happened at BP offices, gas stations and other places in over 20 cities and towns, organized by Seize BP.

“Working people on the Gulf Coast are now struggling to survive, while BP brings in $93 million in profit each day,” said Sarah Sloan, spokesperson of Seize BP. “Unless we build a movement around the demand to seize BP’s assets, they will pay only a fraction of what they owe. Justice demands that BP’s assets be seized so that those that are who were negatively impacted by the oil spill are fairly compensated.”

Many thousands of people have signed the petition to Seize BP and thousands more have sent letters to the editors of their local newspapers. Click here to join the campaign today.

Below are brief reports from some of the actions that happened yesterday. If you organized an action in your city that is not listed below, please send us a report at info@SeizeBP.org.

Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., protestors rallied at the BP Amoco Corporation Government Affairs Office on New York Avenue.

Holding placards and a large banner that read “Seize BP’s Assets,” the determined group was unaffected by down pouring rain as they demanded that the company fully compensate workers for lost jobs and cover all costs of the Gulf Coast clean up.

Demonstrators picketed and chanted slogans, attracting significant attention from drivers and passers-by at the height of rush hour traffic in the busy downtown area. A large presence of media also turned out for the event.

Los Angeles, California

Protesters in Los Angeles shut down the BP “Green Curve” gas station with a vibrant picket. Chanting “People over profit, seize BP,” around 75 people turned out to support the Seize BP campaign. The picket was strong for over two hours, gaining in numbers and militancy.

BP’s “Green Curve” station is heavily promoted by BP as a “green” alternative for consumers, which is precisely why protesters targeted it. One of the day’s most popular chants was “Hey BP, you’re not green; your oil is like a killing machine!” The protest was widely covered in the media.

“We’re calling for a government seizure of BP’s assets to pay for all the environmental damage, personal losses and untold consequences of their oil spill,” declared Ian Thompson, a Seize BP organizer. “To have a company that is responsible for one of the worst environmental disasters ever claim to be able to teach anybody how to live green is utter hypocrisy,” Thompson said.

San Francisco, California

In San Francisco, a crowd that gathered in front of the BP Solar offices grew to more than 50 people in a matter of minutes. The chants of “Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! BP greed has got to go!” and “People over profits, Seize BP!” rang through downtown San Francisco as cars honked passing by.

Chris Banks, an organizer for the ANSWER Coalition, said in an interview with local news media: “In our view, thousands of workers have lost their livelihood, the environment there could be affected permanently and they [BP] need to pay for it.”  That sentiment was echoed, literally, down New Montgomery Street while the picket line chanted: “We won’t pay for BP’s mess! Take it from their bonus checks!”

As Big Oil continues to tear itself apart in Washington, scrambling to deny the responsibility, the people see the truth. As organizer Frank Lara pointed out from the bullhorn,  “Only through a movement of the people in the streets will we hold big oil responsible because without public pressure, politicians will only give them free rides.”

Chicago, Illinois

Dozens of protestors gathered outside the downtown Chicago offices of BP to send the message that the people of Chicago demand justice for Big Oil’s crimes. The Demonstration was organized by the Seize BP campaign and ANSWER Chicago.

Demonstrators chanted “Seize BP! Make them pay! BP’s guilty! Make them pay!” and “What do we want? Seize BP! When do we want it? Now!” The people held placards reflecting those demands while drivers honked in support as they drove by. A number of pedestrians joined with the protest off the street and helped out with the effort.

Volunteers gathered numerous signatures on petitions supporting the Seize BP movement.

New York, New York

Dozens gathered outside of JP Morgan Chase’s World Headquarters, which controls 30 percent of BP’s public stock. Activists handed out hundreds of leaflets and collected petitions from passers-by. Some traveled from New Jersey to attend. A favorite chant among participant was, “BP can’t be trusted, seize their assets, give us justice.”

Hammond, Louisiana

Students from Southeastern Louisiana University took the lead in organizing a demonstration at Cate Square in downtown Hammond drawing a significant response from cars passing by in the after work traffic. Protestors chanted “from the Gulf to Iraq, Make BP pay it back!”

Hammond is a university town, but the area is dependent on the fishing industry that facing tremendous risk.

“I think Amite is going to feel it and throughout the region. Amite is one of the main oyster shucking locations in Louisiana. There’s many oyster shucking houses and there’s a lot of seafood business there even though it’s not right on the coast,” said protest organizer, Gregory Esteven, who is from Amite, La., just 25 minutes North of Hammond.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Protesters took to the corner of Hardy St and Westover Drive a busy intersection during rush hour traffic. The location provided the opportunity to show our message to those passing by the BP Station behind us. “We received many thumbs-up and one car even stopped mid-way through her turn to ask about the protest,” said Rob Sayers, the protest organizer.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Several dozen protesters gathered in front of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Organizers used the location to highlight how the federal court system was a major arena where victims of the Exxon/Valdez spill were denied justice for more than twenty years.

The Ft Lauderdale action was covered by the major newspapers in South Florida, as well as both English and Spanish TV channels. Prior to the demonstration, the local press ran significant coverage of the Seize BP Campaign’s National Day of Actions.

St. Petersburg and Tallahassee, Florida

About 40 people protested in front of a BP gas station in St. Petersburg, Fl. Seven local media outlets were present, and response from the rush hour traffic was positive.

In Tallahassee, dozens of protesters came out to demand “Seize BP.” People chanted and held signs and banners. Major mass media outlets and local newspapers covered the spirited event.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Members of ANSWER New Mexico joined other Albuquerque activists in front of Rep. Heinrich’s office to demand that the U.S. government seize the assets of British Petroleum. From there, demonstrators marched to Senators Udall and Bingaman’s offices chanting.

Members of Stop the War Machine and Vets for Peace spoke out during the event. The Albuquerque Raging Grannies were also on hand with a strong line up of songs that called for an end to reckless drilling and proclaimed that lives are worth more than profits.

ANSWER organizer Preston Wood addressed the crowd in front of Senator Bingaman’s office, urging everyone to keep up the pressure. “It’s good that Senator Bingaman is criticizing BP for its recklessness, but he isn’t calling for a moratorium on drilling. It’s up to us to continue the pressure and to demand an end to this.”

New Haven, Connecticut

The Seize BP campaign kicked off in Connecticut with a demonstration on the steps of the US District Court in New Haven. Despite stormy weather, protesters gathered to spread the word about the campaign and gather signatures on the Seize BP petition. Passers-by, on their way home from work, responded very positively to the campaign demands. Some grabbed signs that read “BP: the ugly face of capitalism” and joined the demonstration. “It’s about time—haven’t they made enough money?” said one woman who stopped to sign.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

A group of people braved the cold and rain to demand BP be held accountable for the oil damage in the Gulf of Mexico. Though it was not planned, a BP station was across the intersection. Many of the cars that passed honked in encouragement and that helped keep the protest going. The three main stations in South Dakota interviewed ANSWER members which they showed twice on the news.

Donate to the Seize BP Campaign

A campaign of the ANSWER Coalition

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bp usa built the oil rig an american company made the shut off valve which failed , we pay $9 a gallon for petrol in uk if you want too drive V8 cars,the oil has to come from someware, live with it, and stop panicing ,start living in the real world not just the usa!

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“Until a solution is found to seal these fissures, the hydrocarbons, including Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), will continue to leak uncontrollably”.
Sincerely Zinnur Gaynullin

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