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Israel ‘committing slow drip genocide’
June 4, 2010, 2:42 pm
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Palestinian woman holds photo of Rachel Corrie

Palestinian woman holds photo of Rachel Corrie

A Palestinian holds a poster of Rachel Corrie an American peace activist. Corrie, 23, of Washington DC, was crushed to death on March 16 by an Israeli army bulldozer in Rafah as she tried to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes.

The Co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement Greta Berlin says that Israel is committing slow drip genocide, ‘drip by drip, Palestinian by Palestinian, child by child’.

Berlin says the Gaza Strip siege has ‘totally impoverished’ the territory and that Israel is committing slow motion genocide.

She said in an interview with Press TV on Thursday that if governments do not “stand up” and do the “right thing” to prevent Israel’s “slow motion genocide”, the people need to “take initiative.”

The Freedom Flotilla, carrying humanitarian aid to the “impoverished territory” was attacked by Israeli commandos in international waters early Monday morning taking at least 20 lives.

Rachel Corrie, another Gaza-bound aid ship carrying medical supplies, construction material, educational material, and toys is scheduled to reach Israeli coast early Saturday morning, despite Israel insisting it will not be allowed to dock, the Guardian reported.

Now, Rachel Corrie is on its way to the beleaguered territory even more determined to “carry on with this mission,” despite the risk of a repeat of the recent “attack”, Bernama reported.


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