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Unite Against Fascism: East End unites for demo against racism this Sunday

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East End unites for demo against racism this Sunday

Unite Against Fascism, United East End and The East London Community Organisations (Telco) have teamed up for what promises to be a massive celebration of East London’s cultural diversity and its united opposition to the racists and fascists of the English Defence League (EDL).

The demo on Sunday 20 June had initially been called to oppose plans by the EDL to invade the area that day. The EDL have now dropped these plans, but our united demo is going ahead. We believe it will send an important message that the communities of the East End are determined to stand up against attempts to intimidate the Muslim population of Tower Hamlets.

Over 800 people from all communities turned out for a rally to build support for the demonstration at the London Muslim Centre on 13 June. They heard speakers from UAF, local trade unions, local politicians as well as representatives from the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Baha’i faith communities in Tower Hamlets.

There are a few important dates in the run-up to Sunday’s demonstration. Anyone who wants to help steward the march should come to the stewards’ organising meetings on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Contact the UAF office for details of the venue and time. We also need as many volunteers as possible to help out on UAF stalls promoting the demo in Whitechapel and Bethnal Green on Saturday 19 June.

The demonstration itself assembles at Stepney Green Park at 12:30pm on Sunday 20 June . We will be marching to Altab Ali Park ,named after a young Bengali man murdered by racists nearby in 1978. The demo promises to be an inspiring celebration of the East End’s multiracial unity and a powerful message of opposition to the EDL, BNP and all other racist and fascist groups.

Transport has already been booked from Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Chelmsford & Southend, Kent, Luton, Oxford, Portsmouth & Southampton. Contact the office by phone on 020 7801 2782 or check the UAF website– we will post transport details on the site over the next couple of days. You can also download a leaflet for the 20 June demonstration.

UAF emergency financial appeal

We need your help to print thousands of leaflets and placards for the United East End demo. Please dig deep and donate anything you can afford. Go to uaf.org.uk/donate to find out how you can make a payment online or set up a standing order to UAF.

Barking by-election

The BNP is trying to sneak back into Barking & Dagenham at a by-election in Goresbrook ward on Thursday 8 July .Barking & Dagenham UAF will be organising a day of action there on Saturday26 June to leaflet and canvas the whole ward. Meet at 11am at the Jazzie Jake Caribbean grill, 8-10 North Street, Barking IG11 8AW. Send an email to barkingdagenham@uaf.org.uk for more details.

Justice for antifascists arrested at Bolton

The justice4boltoncampaign has been launched to defend antifascist activists who are facing serious criminal charges after the 20 March demonstration against the EDL inBolton.

Those facing serious charges include UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett and Rhetta Moran, joint secretary of Greater Manchester UAF.

The potential charges include “conspiracy to incite violent disorder” – which carries a lengthy prison sentence.The use of conspiracy laws threatens to delegitimise protests against the rise of fascism and the right to any public protest. Read more and give your support to the campaign at justice4bolton.org.



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