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The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives: June 2010
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June 2010
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June 2010 Issue of the Volunteer is Now Online
The Good Fight (Noel Buckner, Mary Dore, Sam Sills, 1984) / With the Lincoln Brigade (Henri Cartier Bresson, 1937), July 25 at Delancey Street Theater-Buy Tickets Now!

Photographs from Randall Collection and the Moscow IB Archive Now Digitized at Tamiment
ALBA Summer Teachers Institute in June and July
ALBA Volunteer Biographical Database (www.alba-valb.org)
FFALB Trip to Spain!
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June 2010 Issue of the Volunteer is Now Online
The June 2010 issue of the Volunteer is now online at www.albavolunteer.org.
(Note that the June 2010 issue will appear online only. The September
2010 issue will appear in print as well as online . The September print version will include the next list of current ALBA supporters)

In this issue:

Reports on the New York and San Francisco reunion events, including video

The Osheroff Human Rights Award

The death of Oliver Law

Book Review: The Spanish Right and the Jews

John Murra’s War

Esther “Hon” Brown Obit

Voluntarios argentinos en la XV Brigada

Two Poems by Jack Hirschman

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(Note that the June 2010 issue will appear online only. The September
2010 issue will appear in print as well as online.)

The Good Fight (Noel Buckner, Mary Dore, Sam Sills, 1984) / With the Lincoln Brigade (Henri Cartier Bresson, 1937), July 25 at Delancey Street Theater-Buy Tickets Now!

Jaques Lemare, Henri-Cartier-Bresson and Herbert Kline (Tamiment  Library, NYU, 15th IB Collection, Photo 11 0818)
Jaques Lemare, Henri-Cartier-Bresson and Herbert Kline (Tamiment Library, NYU, 15th IB Collection, Photo 11 0818)

Screening: Sunday July 25, 2010, 2:00pm
The Delancey Street Screening Room

(600 Embarcadero, San Francisco)

Buy Tickets Now!
Tickets $10 (seniors/students $8). Tickets sold at the door and through ALBA’s On-line Ticket Purchase.

The classic 90-minute documentary on the Lincoln Brigade that first premiered at the Surf Theater in San Francisco in 1984 and contains moving interviews with beloved local heroes Bill Bailey (ILWU, NMU), Ruth Davidow, Evelyn Hutchins, Abe Osheroff, and Milt Wolff. Paired with the recently recovered 18-minute Spanish Civil War documentary by famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, featuring Lincoln Brigaders in the trenches and behind the scenes in Spain. Seen together, the two films are an intimate portrait of young labor activists and progressives—both in the midst of battle and as they reflect on their past—as well as some of the most significant events of the 1930s.

Sponsored by The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) and Laborfest

Tickets $10 (seniors/students $8). Tickets sold at the door and through ALBA’s On-line Ticket Purchase.


Photographs from Randall Collection and the Moscow IB Archive Now Digitized at Tamiment
Harry Randall 15th IB Photo Collection, MacKenzie-Papineau  Battalion, Teruel, Jan 1938
Harry Randall 15th IB Photo Collection, MacKenzie-Papineau Battalion, Teruel, Jan 1938

Two important collections of photographic images, the Harry Randall 15th IB Photograph Collection (ALBA Photo 11) and the International Brigades Archive Photograph Collection (ALBA Photo 177) have now been fully digitized and will be available as part of on-line guides on the Tamiment Library web site.

The Moscow archive contains administrative records of the IB that were shipped to the USSR from Spain in 1938 to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Franco forces. In the 1990’s, after extensive negotiations with the International Brigades Archive in Moscow on behalf of ALBA, current Board of Governor Chair Emeritus Peter Carroll embarked on a major ALBA fundraising effort to bring copies of selected material from this archive to the U.S.

As a result of ALBA’s negotiations and fundraising efforts, New York University’s Tamiment Library now houses a large number of microfilmed records and copies of photographs relating to the role of North American and other volunteers in Spain. A complete guide to the IB Archive is available on the Tamiment Library web site; as indicated in the guide, NYU holds copies of records of U.S., British, Cuban and Italian volunteers, as well as a selection of general IB records and copies of selected photos from the Moscow collection. A closely related photograph collection was donated to the ALBA archive by Harry Randall, who headed the 15th IB Photo Unit in Spain.

The digitization of more than 4,000 images was funded in part by a grant from Rickard and Carol-Jeanette Jorgensen in honor of Harry and Doreen Randall. The goal of this generous donation is to make the valuable ALBA Photographic collections accessible to international scholars via the World Wide Web. The Tamiment Library’s digitization project has been overseen by Michael Nash and Gail Malmgreen.

ALBA Summer Teachers Institute in June and July
After holding successful week-long institutes for high-school teachers in New York City and Tampa, Florida, last year, ALBA is proud to announce its first institute in the Midwest, entitled “Ohio and the Spanish Civil War” (June 13-18). The Institute is co-sponsored by the Ohio Humanities Council, Oberlin College, and the Puffin Foundation. Professor Sebastiaan Faber (ALBA Board Chair) is its director.

With support from the Puffin Foundation and the School District of Hillsborough County, the 2010 Tampa Teachers Institute will be hosted again this year at the University of South Florida under the direction of ALBA board member Professor Fraser Ottanelli (July 19-23). The New York City Summer Institute will be on hiatus in 2010 as we prepare for our fall NYC development day for teachers. This past April, the Tampa Insititute launched its first teacher development day.

ALBA Volunteer Biographical Database (www.alba-valb.org)
Please Contribute to the ALBA Volunteer biographical database (www.alba-valb.org).

Many of the volunteers still need more information and we are counting on you to help us fill in the gaps.

Over the next few months, we will be rounding out the records and adding more information as it becomes available. Many of you have been responding to board member Nancy Wallach’s phone call or mailing asking for information on individual volunteers. We will be working through the summer to update entries on the on-line database. Thank you!

View the database here.

FFALB Trip to Spain!
SPAIN 1936 to 1939 ~

The memories and the places of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade…..
Thursday October 28th to Thursday November 11th 2010

Following on the successful tour in October 2008 of the Ebro and Belchite conducted for members of FFALB (Friends and Family of the ALB) which included the Homenage in Barcelona and Sitges to the Leaving of the International Brigades, this trip will be an intensive but fascinating journey to places where the Abraham Lincoln Brigade were present in areas rarely visited by tourists. The tour is being organized and conducted by publisher and historian Alan Warren. He can be contacted at: Alan Warren,Carrer Sant Roc 50, 1,5, 08901, Hospitalet de Llobregat,, Barcelona. SPAIN, e mail hill705@gmail.com

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ALBA Board of Governors

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Hands Off Venezuela! London discusses Venezuelan revolution.
London discusses Venezuelan revolution! Print E-mail
Written by Hands Off Venezuela
Monday, 24 May 2010 15:14
Some 50 activists participated in a very intense day of discussions during the Conference of Hands off Venezuela in London, on May 22. The main guests of the Conference were Katy Jaimes and Elías Chacón, active in the Socialist United Party (PSUV) and the PSUV youth as well as the movement of occupied factories, who had travelled from Venezuela to report on the current situation of the Bolivarian revolution.

Katy Jaimes, a delegate to both the founding congress and the recently finished extraordinary congress of the PSUV, explained how the party’s aim was to be a tool “for the workers and by the workers” in order to fight for socialism. She explained how the party had initially got more than 7 million registered members (in a country of 27 million inhabitants) and how more than 2.5 million of those were participating actively and had voted in the election of the delegates to the party’s congress.Katy Jaimes

She explained the achievements of the revolution in the fields of education, health care, the launching of the Simon Bolivar communications satellite and others, but stressed that the main conquest of the revolution was that “now we have a people which has awoken, has said enough is enough and taken its future into its own hands”. The opposition and the mass media internationally constantly attack Chavez for his role in the Bolivarian revolution, but Katy Jaimes made it clear that the revolutionary movement in Venezuela goes beyond the president and that as a matter of fact it started “in 1989 with a peoples’ uprising against the austerity package of Carlos Andres Perez”, the Caracazo. Following on from this, she reminded the audience of the austerity measures being planned by the new Conservative-Liberal government in Britain and asked them “what are you going to do about it? When are you going to start the British revolution!?”.

Elías Chacón went on to explain the situation of the workers movement, including the mood of enthusiasm of the recent congress of the National Workers’ Union (UNT) which met in December 2009 and April 2010. Elías has been involved in the movement of the occupied factories, which he explained, shows in practice that the “workers can run the factories without bosses, and even improve the quality standards of production”, giving examples from INVEVAL (valve-making factory in Miranda), INAF (plumbing parts) and others.

Chacón also explained how these factories were also facing the sabotage of the bureaucracy. In the case of INAF, for instance, president Chavez had decreed its nationalisation in a public broadcast last November, but this had not yet been implemented. He linked this to the call by president Chavez to do away with the bourgeois state which still exists in Venezuela. Finally, he also stressed that the struggle for socialism has to be international and how in this the role of the solidarity movement is crucial.

We were also pleased to have Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada speaking in this session, with a presentation dealing with the outrageous campaign of media manipulation against Chavez and the Venezuelan revolution. This included not only the open and blatant lies of Fox News and others, but also the more subtle disinformation of “respectable” outlets like BBC News, he explained.

Ambassador Samuel  MoncadaMoncada explained how the United States has a long history of intervention in Latin America and how it is still today, a threat to the Bolivarian Revolution. He went into detail about the US military presence in the region, not only in Colombia, but also in the Dutch islands of Aruba and Curaçao, just off the coast of Venezuela.

A lively question and answer session, showed the interest of the audience in the most recent developments of the revolution, including the question of the ownership of the means of production, the Bolivarian militia, etc.  The morning session finished with a unanimous vote in favour of resolutions about the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution, against the threat of US intervention and in solidarity with the struggle of the occupied factories and demanding their nationalisation.

In the afternoon Conference reopened with a report from Roberto Navarrete, producer of “Inside the Revolution”, who explained the enormous interest there is in India for the Venezuelan Revolution and the call for a V International. The conference continued with a discussion with Alan Woods, editor of www.marxist.com, about Chávez’s call for the formation of a V International. He explained the importance of such a call, “the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union that the question of socialism has been put firmly on the table” and argued in favour of such an international, based, as Chavez had explained on the “struggle against capitalism, imperialism and for socialism”. Alan said that in his opinion, these were broad enough points on the basis of which revolutionaries could and should unite their efforts.  He also added that there were forces, “bureaucrats and reformists”, which wanted to prevent it “from coming into being”.

There was a lively discussion on this question, dealing with the question of whether it was possible to separate the struggle against capitalism from the struggle against imperialism, about the question of diplomatic and trade alliances of Venezuela with countries like Iran (“which is not a revolutionary regime, on the contrary, a counter-revolutionary one”, Alan explained), how would this new International look like, whether there was not a danger of it being taken over by bureaucrats from different countries rather than being a genuine revolutionary body, amongst others.

Finally a resolution welcoming Chavez’s call for the V International and instructing the HOV committee to start discussions on this question within the campaign and in the wider labour movement was passed unanimously.

Amancay Colque from the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign reported back from the Peoples’ Earth Summit in Cochabamba. She explained how Bolivian president Evo Morales had made it clear that “if capitalism lives Mother Earth dies”, linking clearly the struggle for the environment with the struggle against capitalism.

Andy Higginbottom from the Colombia Solidarity Campaign reported back from the Enlazando Alternativas counter-summit to the EU – Latin America heads of state summit in Spain which he had attended the previous weekend.  Andy stressed the role that European and particularly British multinationals play in the expoliation of third world countries, the destruction of the environment, attacks on trade union rights, etc. As a case example of this he highlighted the struggle of oil workers and the communities in Casanare, Colombia (http://www.colombiasolidarity.org.uk/campaigns/19-bp/490-bp-in-casanare-workers-back-mobilisation-continues).

The discussion included many issues, including solidarity with the Resistance movement against the coup in Honduras which took place a year ago. Katrina Annis and José Sagaz explained the work of the Coordinadora Latinoamericana, the coalition of solidarity campaigns and Latin American workers’ groups, which HOV is a part of.

Again, resolutions were voted on solidarity with Honduras, congratulating John McDonnell’s role in supporting Venezuela and supporting his bid for Labour Party leader, reaffirming the campaign’s work with the Coordinadora, and finally a new Steering Committee of the campaign was elected.

It was a very packed day, full of information and discussion and we would like to thank all those who participated and particularly all those who worked hard to make it happen.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
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Discussion of the newly discovered Henri Cartier-Bresson Film on the Brigade, and the 74th ALBA Reunion honoring Amy Goodman this weekend!
Scholar and Filmmaker Juan Salas and ALBA ED on Leonard Lopate today! 12:40 pm ET today (4/30) on WNYC 93.9FM
Leonard Lopate Show: Scholar Juan Salas and ALBA ED Jeanne Houck will be talking about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the newley discovered Cartier Bresson Film and the Reunion on the Leonard Lopate show at 12:40 pm ET today (4/30) on WNYC 93.9FM and 820AM, or streaming at WNYC.org. Please listen – and remember that ALBA’s 74th Volunteers for Liberty Reunion is this Sunday at Museo del Barrio. Come to our facebook event page. ALBA 74th Re union of the Volunteers of Liberty (1936-2010)
Brigadistas & Activists: A Legacy Without Borders
For details visit www.alba-valb.org
Ticket Price: $40. Tickets at the door and for online ticket purchases click here.

With Amy Goodman, recipient of the ALBA Activist Award. Includes Reception and Book signing for Breaking the Sound Barrier!

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010, 4:30pm
Program, 6:00pm Reception and book signing with Amy Goodman

Museo del Barrio
1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street
(at 104th Street and 5th Avenue)
New York, N.Y. 10029

Ticket Price: $40. For online ticket purchases go to http://www.alba-valb.org or click here.
You can also email Jhouck@alba-valb.org or call the ALBA office (212 674-5398). Tickets will be held at the door at the day of the event.

This year’s reunion celebrates the Lincoln Brigade’s legacy of internationalist activism, featuring:

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman’s news coverage as an award winning journalist, nationally syndicated columnist, author,and host of Democracy Now! embodies the Lincolns’ internationalism and resourceful activism.

Matti Mattson, Abraham Lincoln Brigade Volunteer

A front-line ambulance driver in Spain and indefatigable champion of the good fight, Matti was awarded honorary Spanish citizenship in August of last year.

Archives Without Borders: How the Search for One Soldier’s Identity Changed the Lincolns’ Story As We Know It

Who is the young black soldier in doughboy gear whose portrait the Spanish government hoped to give to Barack Obama? James Fernández and Sebastiaan Faber take us on an archival adventure.

Bruce Barthol and Friends
Dred Scott, Lisa Asher, Jamie Fox, Andy Teirson

Songs of the Spanish Civil War

A songwriter, musician (Country Joe and the Fish, San Francisco Mime Troupe) and long time associate of the Bay Area Post, Bruce returns with Dred Scott, Liberty Ellman and Andy Tierstien to play songs of and about the Spanish Civil War.

With projections by Richard Bermack.

*** Reception & Amy Goodman book signing to follow ***

Read The Volunteer, founded by the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade:

For online ticket purchases click here.

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