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SiezeBP.org: The demand to seize BP’s assets is becoming a major political force as it is echoed across the country and increasingly among political officials.
May 29, 2010, 2:21 am
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Seize BP!

Seize BP!

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Dear Eric,

Donate to Seize BPIn the few weeks since all of us formed Seize BP, this movement has become a dynamic force in opposition to BP’s efforts to evade responsibility.

Right now, BP is planning its next maneuvers. Right now, Seize BP activists are organizing opposition throughout the country.

It is the Seize BP campaign that has initiated a simple and just demand, which is now garnering support nationwide: Seize BP and freeze its assets, and place those funds in a trust to pay compensation and damages to working people in the Gulf states and to restore the damaged environment.

We are writing now to ask you to make an emergency donation to support this effort today. We can’t do it without everyone’s help. This is a grassroots movement.

Hundreds of thousands have accessed the Seize BP website, signed the online petition, sent letters to Congress and letters to the editor of local newspapers and downloaded materials and signs. A Seize BP delegation traveled throughout the Gulf of Mexico soon after the disaster to document the stories of workers in the impacted communities.

Together we are organizing demonstrations, rallies, banner drops and other actions and more than 30 cities have seen major actions so far, including many in states along the Gulf Coast.

Please make your urgently needed contribution today so we can help this momentum grow.

The demand to seize BP’s assets is becoming a major political force as it is echoed across the country and increasingly among political officials. It was the Seize BP campaign that immediately pointed out that BP’s executives, in their reckless and frantic search for super-profits, are responsible for gross criminal negligence that overrode serious warnings about imminent danger prior to the April 20th explosion at the Deepwater Horizon.

BP lied to the people about how much oil is gushing into the gulf.  The volume is likely somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 barrels of oil per day. They are pouring additional poison into the water using Corexit without regard to human or marine life. The devastation to the wildlife and environment is catastrophic and heartbreaking.

Our working together can have, and is having, a major impact on remedying this harm and in securing relief and compensation for all those injured by BP’s criminal actions.

Please help now—your support will make a difference.


From all of us at Seize BP

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