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Please Support Gaza Freedom Flotilla Activists Facing Possible Arrest

Hi All,

As per below, Congressman Sherman has asked that U.S. citizens involved with the Freedom Flotilla be arrested and prosecuted. We have decided to “voluntarily turn ourselves in.”   If you are able to attend (out of solidarity), it would be welcomed.

This is “my first time” (translation I’m very nervous). Take care..Susan



Please Support Gaza Freedom Flotilla Activists Facing Possible Arrest

WHERE: 2242 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC
WHEN: Thursday, June 10th, 2pm

Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) has called for the arrest and prosecution of “any U.S. citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla” under the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.

Organizers and activists with the Free Gaza Movement, Gaza Freedom March, Code Pink, and the Freedom Flotilla will be voluntarily making ourselves available to Rep. Sherman in his Capitol Hill office on June 10th at 2pm. Should Rep. Sherman seek to arrest us, we have faith that no jury in America would possibly convict us for our humanitarian and human rights work in Palestine.

In the event that Congressman Sherman chooses not to arrest us, we will be holding a memorial service for the 9 human rights and humanitarian aid workers killed aboard the Mavi Marmara, and demanding that Sherman retract his remarks and issue an immediate apology.

Delivering humanitarian aid to people in need is not ‘terrorism.’ Opposing the cruel and illegal Gaza blockade must not be considered a capital crime by our elected officials.

Please spread the word & come out on Thursday to show your support!

Gaza Flotilla: National Demo Sat 5 June ( Britain )

Gaza Flotilla: National Demo Sat 5 June


4 June 2010

Saturday 5 June: Assemble Downing Street, London at 1.30pm, March to the Israeli Embassy

Speakers at the demonstration rally:
• Sarah Colborne (flotilla survivor)
• Ken Loach
• Caroline Lucas MP
• George Galloway
• Kevin Ovenden (flotilla survivor)
• Kate Hudson
• Lowkey
• Ismail Patel (flotilla survivor)
• Salma Yaqoob
• Daud Abdullah
• Lindsey German
• Tarik Ali
• Jeremy Corbyn MP
• John Rose
• Yvonne Ridley
• Mohammed Kosbar
• Lauren Booth
• Keith Sonnett
• Sally Hunt

Called by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative, CND, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Viva Palestina and Palestinian Forum of Britain