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NYC June 28th Rally: HONDURAS RESISTS!!!


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MONDAY, 28th JUNE 2010, 4:00PM to 7:00PM
Rally assembles at: Times Square (42nd St and 7th Ave) – New York, NY
March to and ending rally: 42nd St to 48th St and 1st Ave (Honduran Embassy-UN)

March of the People of Honduras against the coup d’état of June 28th, 2009

  • Stop human rights violations in Honduras
  • Stop political assassinations in Honduras
  • No to impunity for assassinations and violations
  • We demand the release of political prisoners and the repatriation of our political exiles
  • We support the rebuilding of Honduras and the creation of a new Constitutional Assembly

Contacts for more information: 917.841.3643 (celcas2000@gmail.com), 646.924.5621 (avilareed@yahoo.com), 212.633.6646 (TeresaTejana1@gmail.com)

Organized by: Resistencia Honduras NY/NJ, Endorsing Organizations: National IAC, May 1st, Troops Out Now Coalition. Solidarity work donated by community organizers

LUNES, 28 de JUNIO 2010, de 4:00PM a 7:00PMRally Salida: Times Square (42 Calle y Ave. 7th) – New York, NY
Trayecto: Calle 42 hasta la calle 48 y 1ra Ave (Frente Embajada de Honduras)

Marcha del Pueblo Hondureño contra el golpe de estado de Junio 28 del 2009

  • Alto a las violaciones de derechos humanos en Honduras
  • Alto a los asesinatos políticos
  • Alto a la impunidad por violaciones y asesinatos
  • Exigimos la libertad a los presos políticos y la repatriación a los exiliados políticos
  • Apoyamos la refundación de Honduras con una nueva Asamblea Constituyente

Para más información, comuníquese al: 917.841.3643 (celcas2000@gmail.com), 646.924.5621 (avilareed@yahoo.com), 212.633.6646 (TeresaTejana1@gmail.com)

Organizado por: Resistencia Honduras NY/NJ, Organizadores auspiciadoras: National IAC, May 1st, Troops Out Now Coalition. Trabajo de solidaridad donado por organizadores comunitarios

Unite Against Fascism: East End unites for demo against racism this Sunday

unite against fascism

uaf.org.uk •info@uaf.org.uk • 020 7801 2782 • twitter.com/uaf

East End unites for demo against racism this Sunday

Unite Against Fascism, United East End and The East London Community Organisations (Telco) have teamed up for what promises to be a massive celebration of East London’s cultural diversity and its united opposition to the racists and fascists of the English Defence League (EDL).

The demo on Sunday 20 June had initially been called to oppose plans by the EDL to invade the area that day. The EDL have now dropped these plans, but our united demo is going ahead. We believe it will send an important message that the communities of the East End are determined to stand up against attempts to intimidate the Muslim population of Tower Hamlets.

Over 800 people from all communities turned out for a rally to build support for the demonstration at the London Muslim Centre on 13 June. They heard speakers from UAF, local trade unions, local politicians as well as representatives from the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Baha’i faith communities in Tower Hamlets.

There are a few important dates in the run-up to Sunday’s demonstration. Anyone who wants to help steward the march should come to the stewards’ organising meetings on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Contact the UAF office for details of the venue and time. We also need as many volunteers as possible to help out on UAF stalls promoting the demo in Whitechapel and Bethnal Green on Saturday 19 June.

The demonstration itself assembles at Stepney Green Park at 12:30pm on Sunday 20 June . We will be marching to Altab Ali Park ,named after a young Bengali man murdered by racists nearby in 1978. The demo promises to be an inspiring celebration of the East End’s multiracial unity and a powerful message of opposition to the EDL, BNP and all other racist and fascist groups.

Transport has already been booked from Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Chelmsford & Southend, Kent, Luton, Oxford, Portsmouth & Southampton. Contact the office by phone on 020 7801 2782 or check the UAF website– we will post transport details on the site over the next couple of days. You can also download a leaflet for the 20 June demonstration.

UAF emergency financial appeal

We need your help to print thousands of leaflets and placards for the United East End demo. Please dig deep and donate anything you can afford. Go to uaf.org.uk/donate to find out how you can make a payment online or set up a standing order to UAF.

Barking by-election

The BNP is trying to sneak back into Barking & Dagenham at a by-election in Goresbrook ward on Thursday 8 July .Barking & Dagenham UAF will be organising a day of action there on Saturday26 June to leaflet and canvas the whole ward. Meet at 11am at the Jazzie Jake Caribbean grill, 8-10 North Street, Barking IG11 8AW. Send an email to barkingdagenham@uaf.org.uk for more details.

Justice for antifascists arrested at Bolton

The justice4boltoncampaign has been launched to defend antifascist activists who are facing serious criminal charges after the 20 March demonstration against the EDL inBolton.

Those facing serious charges include UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett and Rhetta Moran, joint secretary of Greater Manchester UAF.

The potential charges include “conspiracy to incite violent disorder” – which carries a lengthy prison sentence.The use of conspiracy laws threatens to delegitimise protests against the rise of fascism and the right to any public protest. Read more and give your support to the campaign at justice4bolton.org.


Protest Opportunity in Washington DC: Christians United for Israel
CUFI invites you to A Night to Honor Israel

The Leadership of CUFI invites you to
A Night to Honor Israel

at the Fifth Annual CUFI Washington Summit

Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 7:00 p.m.
Please be seated by 6:45 p.m. (Doors open at 6:00 p.m.)

Washington, D.C. Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place Washington, DC

$50 Per Person

RSVP for this NIght to Honor  Israel

During the Holocaust, too many Christians were silent, and we were left to mourn the slaughter of 6 million Jews. Today, Bible-believing Christians must speak up and stand up for Israel.
Our faith demands it. The times require it.
We will be silent no longer.  Please attend CUFI’s Night to Honor Israel to stand up and speak up for the State of Israel and the Jewish people.  Click here to RSVP.

Featured Speakers: Pastor John Hagee and Ambassador Oren

A Night to Honor Israel is an expression of Christian solidarity with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Event photos
RSVP for this NIght to Honor  Israel

Gaza Flotilla: National Demo Sat 5 June ( Britain )

Gaza Flotilla: National Demo Sat 5 June


4 June 2010

Saturday 5 June: Assemble Downing Street, London at 1.30pm, March to the Israeli Embassy

Speakers at the demonstration rally:
• Sarah Colborne (flotilla survivor)
• Ken Loach
• Caroline Lucas MP
• George Galloway
• Kevin Ovenden (flotilla survivor)
• Kate Hudson
• Lowkey
• Ismail Patel (flotilla survivor)
• Salma Yaqoob
• Daud Abdullah
• Lindsey German
• Tarik Ali
• Jeremy Corbyn MP
• John Rose
• Yvonne Ridley
• Mohammed Kosbar
• Lauren Booth
• Keith Sonnett
• Sally Hunt

Called by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative, CND, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Viva Palestina and Palestinian Forum of Britain

CODEPINK Brings Public Outrage to BP in Houston
May 21, 2010, 2:27 pm
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CODEPINK Brings Public Outrage to BP in Houston

Contact: Susan Roth, 301-530-3539, prsue@rothpr.com
Dana Balicki, 202-422-8624, dana@codepink.org
May 20th, 2010

Exposes the Naked Truth Behind “Drill Baby Drill”
WHERE: BP Headquarters 501 Westlake Park Blvd., Houston

WHEN: May 24, 2010 at 11:30am

Undressed, dripping with oil and dragging nets full of dead fish, CODEPINK activists will expose the atrocities of BP’s latest and greatest drilling disaster on the Gulf Coast.  A women-led, women-initiated action to ask the country–what is more indecent, our bodies or the horrific effects of our nation’s obsession with oil?

The protesters will mourn the deaths of the 11 workers and devastation of wildlife and livelihoods all along the Gulf Coast. They will call for BP to be held accountable, for an end to offshore drilling and for a total restructuring of our energy towards renewable sources.
WHY: “At the BP headquarters we will put our bodies on the line to hold BP accountable for the rape and plunder of our planet,” says Diane Wilson, a fourth generation fisherwoman from the Gulf who will join Monday’s action. “We call for stripping BP of its corporate charter and seizing its assets to pay the victims, clean up the Gulf and try to restore the devastated wildlife.”  We will also demand:
-there be no new permits on offshore drilling;
-instead, redirect that energy and financing into renewable fuels;
-expose the true costs of oil and the obvious disaster about to hit the coast in waves of oil, killing our fish and livelihoods;
-ensure that BP is held accountable for its rape, murder and profit on our backs.
Please call Susan Roth or email prsue@rothpr.com for more information.

Japanese Island Set for Mass Rally Against US Bases
April 26, 2010, 8:29 pm
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read the original: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=HAS20100426&articleId=18871

YOMITAN, Japan  – Up to 100,000 demonstrators on the Japanese island of Okinawa are set to protest against a US airbase Sunday in a row that is dominating national politics and souring ties with Washington.

The huge rally near Kadena Air Base, the largest US military facility in the Asia-Pacific region, is expected to include Okinawa governor Hirokazu Nakaima and more than 30 town mayors.

Many on the subtropical island chafe at the heavy American military presence, a legacy of Japan’s World War II defeat to the United States, complaining of noise, pollution and frictions with US soldiers.

The issue threatens the political future of centre-left Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, who has been pressured by both Washington and his left-leaning political allies to find a solution to the dispute.

The row centres on the unpopular US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, which under a 2006 pact with Washington was to be moved from the crowded city of Ginowan to the quieter coastal Henoko area of Okinawa.

Hatoyama, after taking power in September in a landslide election, said the base may be moved off the island instead. But a search for alternative locations has met with more local protests.

“We can never accept the US base. If it happens, the whole of our fishery will be damaged,” Hiroyuki Akamine, president of the fishermen’s cooperative in one of the reported alternative locations, told AFP ahead of the rally.

The prime minister has set himself a deadline of late May to resolve the issue, while the United States maintains it wants Tokyo to stick with the original plan.

On Friday, under questioning from a conservative lawmaker, Hatoyama staked his job on resolving the issue by the end of next month.

Ahead of crucial upper house elections due in July, Hatoyama has seen his approval ratings dive as criticism has grown of his dithering on the issue.

On the eve of the protest, the Washington Post said the Japanese government had indicated it would broadly accept the 2006 pact.

Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada had presented an offer to US Ambassador John Roos on Friday, the US newspaper said, quoting unnamed sources.

Okada had suggested some changes, including altering the design of a new runway and moving parts of the Marine Corps facility to an island about 100 miles (160 miles) from Okinawa, it said.

But the government denied the report on Saturday and Hatoyama said he rejected the original 2006 plan to build the replacement US airbase in Henoko.

“It must never happen that we accept the existing plan,” Hatoyama told reporters Saturday.

Hiroshi Ashitomi, 64, who has led the campaign against the relocation in Henoko, said: “Building a new military base here in this beautiful sea is never acceptable.”

“Okinawan people won’t accept the government’s flip-flop that the relocation site is now back again to Henoko, after they found no other alternatives,” he said in front of the emerald-green waters of Henoko.

The United States set up the Futenma airbase in 1945 as it took the island in one of World War II’s bloodiest battles.

It did not return Okinawa to Japan until 1972 and still operates more than 30 military facilities on the island, strategically located near China, Taiwan and the Korean peninsula.

Under the 2006 agreement, Futenma facilities would be shifted to reclaimed land around Camp Schwab in Henoko and about 8,000 Marines would move to the US territory of Guam.

Japan, which committed to pacifism in its post-WWII constitution, relies for its security on its treaty partner the United States, which stations some 47,000 troops in the country, more than half of them on Okinawa.
Global Research Articles by Kyoko Hasegawa